The Therapy Centre also has a training unit for optimal functioning. The training unit’s focus is on the training and capacity building of individuals, groups and communities.

Caritas’ training unit offers the following programmes:


This programme’s focus is on capacity building and support to children, couples and families.

Care<3ageous Kids:

  • Be strong and kind
  • 5-18 years

Social Emotional Learning:

  • Self-awareness
  • Self-management
  • Social awareness
  • Relationship skills
  • Responsible decision making
  • Leadership

Character Building

  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Trustworthiness
  • Caring
  • Fairness
  • Citizenship
  • Integrity

Being Safe

  • Sexual abuse awareness
  • How to handle bullies
  • Substance abuse prevention

Care<3ageous Parents

  • Parental guidance workshop
  • Bonding programme for parents and children (3-10 years) to strengthen their relationship (6 week programme)
  • New born baby Sensory Development and Parental training by Occupational Therapist

Care<3ageous Couples

  • Marriage “boot camp” programme (8 week programme). Especially for young couples.

Care <3ageous Divorce Support

Information Workshop for couples who think about divorce

  • Mediation: SA Mediators
  • “Surviving Divorce” Parenting Programme (4 sessions)
  • Support group for single women
  • Support group for single men
  • “Riding the wave of my parents’ divorce”: Group Therapy Programme for children 8-12 years (8 sessions)

Care<3ageous Support for Families who suffered Illness and Grief

  • Volunteers visit patients in hospitals from rural areas
  • Support for families with members in a hospital
  • Support group for persons who mourns a loved one

Care<3ageous Blended Families

  • Workshops for blended families to strengthen relationships
  • Caring for elderly parents: Altzheimers, Dementia support

Workshop for Grade R learners: Emotional Intelligence

This programme can be presented as follows:

  • at the Therapy Centre as a workshop or group work
  • a school can decide to incorporate the programme into their curriculum or
  • the school gives permission to present the Care-ageous Kidz programme externally at schools and
  • parents voluntarily register their children.


  • Caritas Therapy Centre provides the following services:

    Early Recovery Programme

    •  Individual therapy
    • Group Therapy (10 sessions)
    • Family Support
    • Support to Employers as part of Caritas Employee Wellness Programme

    Accommodation available at Caritas Conference and Accommodation Centre

    The Therapy Centre has a database of rehabilitation centres available.
    The centre can assist patients in providing information, admission forms and arrangements for admission.

    After Care and Reintegration Programme
    After the rehabilitation programme has been completed by the social worker at the Therapy Centre will compile
    an individual aftercare programme for the patient. This programme will consist of the following:

    • Individual Therapy
    • Group Therapy
    • Family Support
    • Support Group
    • Workshops on Life Skills and Healthy Lifestyle

Support Groups on Caritas premises every week

AA Meetings –Alcoholics Anonymous

  • Wednesday – 18h00 -19h00
  • 72 Lawson Street, Kimberley, Gate 1
  • Open meeting for public first Wednesday of every month
  • Contact person: Adriaan Venter 084 444 4470

NA Meetings - Narcotics Anonymous

  • Thursday – 18h00 – 19h00
  • 72 Lawson Street, Kimberley, Gate 1
  • Open meeting for public first Thursday of every month
  • Contact person: Christo van der Watt 081 252 4918


A programme focusing on supporting children and educators
  • Providing social work services and support to children. This can minimize impact of personal challenges on the child’s school performance.
  • Provide support to educators. To ensure maximum productivity and assistance in dealing with children who are presenting with challenging behaviour and/or personal or psycho-social issues.


  • The employee wellness programme is a professional service that focuses on the development and support of employees in order to ensure a healthy functioning workforce.




  • Dealing with challenging behaviour and discipline
  • Identification of children at risk and legal requirements
  • Social media and children
  • Costs: Quotation on request for schools

CPD Group supervision and Wellness Programme for Social Workers and Social Auxiliary Workers

  • oth sessions include:
    Wellness Programme
    CPD points pending

    Enquiry: Estie Botha – 083 415 1484 /

CPD AND VBO TRAINING (Social workers, councillors, pastors)

  • 1. Colour Therapy 19- 20 September 2018

    • SACSSP: 10 CPD points
    • Cost: R 2200
    • Presenter: Stefan van Heerden

    2. Gestalt Dino Therapy – 21 September 2018

    • SACSSP: 4 CPD points
    • Cost: R 1450
    • Presenter: Stefan van Heerden

    3. Gestalt Astro Therapy – 22 September 2018

    • SACSSP: 4 CPD points
    • Cost: R 1450
    • Presenter: Stefan van Heerden
    • Enquiry: Estie Botha – 083 415 1484 /

    4. Multi-Level Neuro Processing Life Coach Phase 1

    • Presenter: Edgar Phillips
    • 8-13 October 2018
    • Costs: R 12 000
    • CPD points (SACSSP) pending
    • VBO points: 30
    • Enquiry: Estie Botha – 083 415 1484 /