Early Childhood Development (ECD)

We have 16 ECD’s throughout Northern Cape and North West Provinces. Our centres are in the poorest, underdeveloped and sometimes remotest areas. Here we help children to develop on cognitive, emotional and social levels by providing training, support and assistance.

We make use of the Amazing Brainz program and as well as the Caritas Kinderland Program that takes a holistic, integrated, long-term approach to the development of these children.

Established Early Childhood Development Centres:
  1. Blommeland ECD in Strydenburg that accommodate 74children.
  2. !Xun ECD in Platfontein that accommodate 31 children.
  3. Khwe ECD in Platfontein that accommodate 22 children
  4. Kagisho ECD in Jan Kempdorp that accommodate 26 children
  5. Sonstraaltjie ECD in Marchand that accommodate 55 children
  6. Zimbi ECD in Niekerkshoop that accommodate 30 children
  7. Haasdas ECD in Augrabies that accommodate 40 children
  8. Tjokkershoop ECD in Hopetown that accommodate 60 children
  1. Ratangthuto ECD in Stella that accommodates 45 children
  2. Karoo – Druppels ECD in Britstown that accommodate 45 children
  3. Voetspore van Hoop ECD in Griekwastad that accommodate 60 children
  4. Renosterberg ECD in Petrusville that accommodate 45 children
  5. Haasbekkies in Vryburg that accommodate 20 children
  6. Kaalvoet Akademie in Phillipstown that accommodate 60 children
  7. Besige Bytjies in Upington that accommodate 45 children
Mamas Alliance

Mamas Alliance Partners (the NGOs such as Caritas) are brought together by a common vision: to offer daily care to thousands of children in South Africa. Through education, food, clothing, protection, medical care, sports, games, and a lot of love and care, the MAMAS gives the children a better future.

Caritas Mamas are spread throughout the Northern Cape, often in the most remote areas. Each of these Mamas is an initiative of local people (MAMAS). They are five Mamas x sites and they are situated in Augrabies, Marchand, Hopetown, Strydenburg, and Petrusville.

They all have the following in common:
• A high quality and measurable output in terms of care for children and youth;
• Sound management systems;
• Strongly based in the communities they work in;
• Effective reporting systems;
• Well-structured and practical service packages.

Daily care

Caritas Mamas all have the same goal: offering direct, daily care to children in extreme poverty.

This includes the most vulnerable children in South and children with special needs amongst others. Daily care includes among other things the aftercare and protection of these children.