The healing of man within his community.


To facilitate the healing and development of communities as well as the empowerment of families. To protect and care for children as well as elderly persons and provide specialized therapy for those in need.




Kestell Childrens’ Home had its humble beginnings at a meeting of the Dutch Reformed Church in Kimberley on May 5, 1890. The ladies of the congregation, in conjunction with a commission of the church, approached the De Beers Company to donate a plot of land. This plot of land was located at the current Lawson Street and was to be used to erect a house for needy children.

On April 22, 1891, the Newton Home’ was officially opened with five children. They were: Georgina
Elizabeth Kirkham, Margaret Josephine Kirkham, Willie Kirkham, William Benjamin Lee and Joseph Lee.

During August 1898, Rev PJ de Vaal laid the cornerstone of an improved “Newton Home” as the first house was deemed inadequate.

During 1921 and 1937 the Home was extended to become a double-story house on the corner of Lawson and Reservoir Streets. In 1968 this house was demolished. The cornerstone of this House was kept and can still be seen at Caritas Head Office.

The name change

Newton Home’s name was changed to Kestell Children’s Home (after Dr and Ms Kestell who provided valuable services to the Home). The Home was extended some more and the opening took place as follows:

  • October 14, 1961 – section for toddlers
  • July 18, 1964 – section for girls
  • April 25, 1970 – section for boys
Changes during the war

D-Kestell-Vluchteling-KampDuring the Anglo Boer war (1900 – 1902) the concentration camp bordered the Kestell Children’s’ Home.

On the photo of the concentration camp, the backyard of the Kestell Children’s’ Home can be seen.

On the left hand side of the photo Vooruitsig Primary School is visible.

Good changes

Caritas Child and Youth Care Centre:

  • Jannie Roux Campus in Barkly West that can accommodate 85 children and

At the beginning of 2013, because of budgetary constraints and sustainability, the children that were housed at the Kestell Children’s Home were moved to the Jannie Roux Campus in Barkly West.

Kestell Children’s Home was closed and the buildings were renovated and converted into office buildings, a therapy center, and conference and accommodation facilities.

These buildings now house Caritas Community Focus NPC.

Due to operational requirements, it was decided that the Tsholofelo Campus in Daniëlskuil be closed at the end of April 2017. The 16 children that were accommodated at the campus were moved to the Jannie Roux Campus in Barkly West.

BB-BEE certificate

Caritas Community Focus, is a registered non-profit charity company, which consists of Caritas Child and Youth Care Centre (038-135 -NPO), Caritas Kimberley (037-545 -NPO), Caritas Vryburg (044-421 -NPO) and Caritas Community Focus Head Office (007-404-NPO).

Caritas Community Focus is a registered non-profit and Section18A approved organization. To encourage your generosity when making a bona fide donation in cash to us, you as a taxpayer are entitled to a deduction from taxable income if the donation is supported by the necessary Section 18A receipt issued by Caritas Community Focus. Please ask us should you wish to obtain this certificate.


Registered Welfare Organisation (Section 13, Act 110/1978)

Registered Non-Profit Company (Act 71/2008, as amended) Registration number – Caritas Child and Youth Care Centre (038-135 -NPO), Caritas Kimberley (037-545 -NPO), Caritas Vryburg (044-421 -NPO) and Caritas Community Focus Head Office (007-404-NPO) PBO (Public Benefit Organisation) (Section 30 of the Income Tax Act 58/1962) Registration number: PBO 930052403. BBEEE registration QSE/2018/03/13/002 (Level 2) (Caritas Community Focus, Caritas Kimberley, Caritas Child and Youth Care Centre) and EME/2018/07/20/001 (Caritas Vryburg).