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Caritas Community Focus, is a registered non-profit charity organization, which consists of Caritas Child and Youth Care Centre (038-135 -NPO), Caritas Community Focus Kimberley (037-545 -NPO), Caritas Community Focus Vryburg (044-421 -NPO) and Caritas Community Focus Head Office (007-404-NPO). We deliver services to children, families, and individuals within our service area in the Northern Cape and North West Provinces.


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Vision, Mission & Values

The healing of man within his community. To facilitate the healing and development of communities as well as the empowerment of families. To protect and care for children as well as elderly persons and provide specialized therapy for those in need.

Get involved

Caritas is a registered non-profit organization and receives a small government subsidy that accounts for less than 20 % of the expenses.

We depend largely on donations and regular contributions from the community to ensure that we provide effective and efficient services. Contact us to find out how you can get involved.


Our Multi-Disciplinary team includes: a counselling psychologist, psychometrist, mediators, registered counsellor, life coach, play therapist, clinical and forensic social workers and occupational therapists.



The Therapy Centre also has a training unit for optimal functioning. The training unit’s focus is training and capacity building of individuals, groups and communities.



We offer affordable and comfortable accommodation. Learn more here.